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The Bakehouse by Ishika was an instant success when it started its journey in 2015. It all began when our creator, Ishika Saraf, sent out a batch of homemade cookies to her friend’s baking store. Seeing how much everyone enjoyed them, it gave her the idea to start her own kitchen and thus, The Bakehouse by Ishika Saraf was born. The journey of The Bakehouse had its own set of challenges. It opened its doors in Delhi back in 2018 but due to the pandemic of 2020, it shut and relocated its base back to its roots in Nagpur. Even after everything, The Bakehouse continues to be resilient. It started as a cloud kitchen in Nagpur and it now has an entire range of baked treats, scrumptious food and workshop opportunities!

Soon enough, The Bakehouse rose to popularity. The brand made its online presence known on Facebook and Instagram. Today, the store is not simply a bakery but a venture where you are always connected to the chef. Specializing in Brownies, Cookies, Tea Cakes and Tarts, TBH by Ishika has a wide range of other baked yummies such as fondant cakes, sushi, soft shell tacos and so many other delicacies. The Bakehouse takes a lot of workshops- both online and offline where people of all age groups creatively learn to bake in a fun and collaborative environment.

Our motto is, “Baking the World a Better Place, one Dessert at a Time”.


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